[Jiangcheng Daily] The road for a new face of the masses show a smile

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    Early in the morning, the sun is right and the breeze is gentle。Wang Yanqi, a citizen, is delighted to walk on Jinhua Road in Jilin High-tech Zone after renovation。

    "Brother Wang, come in and sit down。Seeing Wang Yanqi walking, Zhang Chao, the owner of a restaurant on the street, said hello。The road is level and the street is beautiful。The two chatted and talked about the changes in the street。

    Jinhua Road, more than 200 meters long, connects Shenzhen Street and Shantou Road, and Wang Yanqi, who has lived nearby for many years, is very sentimental about this road。

    Before walking on the street, Wang Yanqi could not avoid being cautious。There are many potholes on the road, and when there are vehicles passing through on rainy days, they will be splashed with mud from time to time。"On a sunny day, when the wind blows, the dust in the pit goes straight to the face。"Wang Yanqi recalled。

    Open the door to do business Zhang Chao, is very worried about the inconvenience of customers, affecting the willingness to eat。The road is narrow and many vehicles are parked along the road, resulting in poor traffic。"Sometimes customers drive around in front of the store for half a day and still can't find a parking space。"Zhang Chao said。

    The staff of the Housing and Construction Bureau of Jilin High-tech Zone, who often investigated, heard many people's reactions:This road needs to be repaired..."

    Similar conditions have plagued some other roadside residents。Some roads in Shunde Street in Jilin High-tech Zone do not have sidewalks, pedestrians and motor vehicles mixed, there are hidden dangers, road transformation is very necessary。

    How to make the road new life, meet people travel?Preliminary research to find out the actual needs of the people is the first step。

    After the official start of the urban renewal work, the housing and construction Bureau of Jilin High-tech Zone and construction enterprises jointly entered the homes of merchants and residents to listen to the opinions of the masses。Focusing on the problems such as uneven roads and difficult parking that have been reflected by everyone, the implementation focus of the transformation has been continuously clarified。A scene will open down, the transformation program has a basic framework。

    According to local conditions, different road reconstruction ideas are also different。The person in charge of road reconstruction construction introduced that Jinhua Road reconstruction pays special attention to ensuring pedestrian passage。The transformation of Shunde Street focuses on the cable into the ground and the implementation of rain and pollution diversion. During the transformation, 16 parking Spaces are also added in the public space to facilitate the daily parking needs of surrounding schools and enterprises, and the green belt is renovated, so that the urban green space is expanded。

    After nearly 3 months, Shunde Street and Jinhua Road completed the transformation, the road surface was smooth, and there were fewer vehicles parked along the street。Wang Yanqi said, walking on the road, no longer afraid of dust, mud splashing。Zhang Chao is also more confident about running a good restaurant。

    "At present, the road maintenance and renovation of Gaoxin Road and Siping Street have also been launched。"Jilin high-tech Zone housing construction bureau said。

    Source: Jilin Ullage client

    Author: Jiangcheng Daily all media reporter Xu Junfeng