High-tech zone autumn centralized rodent poison announcement

来源:   时间: 2023-09-27 11:18

  In order to effectively reduce rat density, reduce the harm of rat-borne diseases, protect the health of the masses of people, and create a better living environment, the High-tech Zone Health Care Office decided to carry out centralized rodent control action in the autumn。

  1. Centralized rodent control time


  2. Name of rodent poison

  The name of this delivery is the second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide-Chronic rat poison brodiolone bait, the drug is red particles, degradable。

  3. Key areas for rodent control

  All units in the hospital, residential areas, green Spaces, hotels (restaurants), hospitals, schools, supermarkets, farmers' markets, construction sites, shantytowns, public toilets, waste collection stations, waste transfer stations, rural areas, etc。

  4. Precautions

  1.Rodent poison must be managed and delivered by special personnel to avoid the occurrence of rodent poison poisoning and loss。When throwing poisonous bait, all households, residential households, communities, organs and units should first carry out good environmental sanitation remediation work, such as: thoroughly remove weeds, garbage, feces, remove rat tracks, clean up sanitary dead spots, etc。

  2.During the centralized delivery of rodent poison, the general public should store their food items, discard food bitten by rats in time, take care of children, do not touch or play with rodent poison in public areas, do not touch dead rats at will, and take care of their own livestock and pets to avoid accidents。

  If a dead rat is found, bury it deep in time to prevent other organisms from being poisoned again。If someone ingests rodenticide, please send it to the hospital in time for treatment (special antidote is vitamin)K1)。

  Please tell each other, thank you for your support and cooperation!

High-tech zone patriotic health Campaign Committee office